‘Divide-and-rule policy of letting strikes continue doesn’t help anyone’ except Tories

It’s time to get talking
Currys’ decision to stop using strike-hit Royal Mail “for now” shows why disputes are damaging and settlements are in the best interests of people who own and run businesses and those working for them.

The same applies to the NHS, railways or any other public or private operation as the Tory government fails to rule for one nation, rarely bringing two sides together.

There is mounting evidence and suspicion that the Tories think they might benefit from strikes, whipping up hostility to workers who are protecting living standards and jobs.

It is a divide-and-rule policy that creates no winners, except perhaps the Tory politicians.

Give and take on both sides might end the Royal Mail strikes, or any other dispute for that matter. And Currys could, if it wished, resume deliveries with the company.

Now is the time to talk.

Clear the heir
The rivalries, dislikes and public settling of scores in the Royal Family are painful to witness, not least for those involved.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s money-spinning Netflix series might pay the bills for a jet-set lifestyle in California, but the cost is a widening, deepening rift that may never heal.

Harry and Meghan are free to speak as they wish, yet every story has two sides.

The Queen made her views clear by stripping Harry of his titles after he fled to the US and doing the same to Prince Andrew after he paid £12million to avoid court in a civil sex case.

In the interests of accountability, transparency and integrity, we sincerely hope that King Charles III issues detailed answers to any and all assertions and allegations made by his evidently unhappy son and that son’s wife.

Magic touch
Debbie McGee’s appreciation of the kindness of strangers after Paul Daniels’ death will resonate with many bereaved.

There is no magic cure to heartfelt grief but a reassuring hug and kind word go a long way.